Privacy and Security

If you’re worried about the privacy and security of your data, we have got you!

G S C & Associates, LLC is a GDPR compliant firm with ISO 9001:15000 and ISO 27001 certification. We take the privacy and security of our clients' information very seriously and treat all the information as highly confidential. For 100% data security and confidentiality, we have established stringent protocols to cover the physical as well as IT-related aspects of data security.

Physical Security

The premises are fully secured to prevent any unauthorised access. Real time Surveillance with IP-based CCTV cameras is also available.



Non-disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement has been signed by every employee in the organisation thus preventing any data leakage.


Data Sharing

All your encrypted and authorised internet-transferred sensitive data is kept on our secure server. Cloud-based server infrastructure also provides an extra layer of protection and security.

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