How We Work?

Unveiling the firm’s journey!

The team at G S C & Associates, LLC understands your business and takes necessary action to make your work easier. We take into consideration the size and structure of your firm and design a customised methodology. Our in-house team consists of highly qualified and experienced chartered accountants and tax consultants that will help you to take care of your financial needs. Our experienced team of professionals will help reduce your operational costs while providing the best support and consultancy.



Consulting with an accountant is an important step in managing your financial affairs, whether it’s for personal or business matters. Here’s a general procedure to follow when seeking a consultation with an accountant

Connecting with the client

Connect with the client and briefing him about G S C & Associates, LLC and its work

Onboarding Procedure

Learning about the clients’ business and organisational structure in detail along with determining their financial needs.

Document Requisition

Ensuring that all the documents have been received from the client such as its Bank Statements, Purchase & Expense Bills etc. for making the financial statements.

Processing Documents

Keeping a regular track of the financial transactions and updating them regularly on accounting softwares such as Xero, QuickBooks etc.